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Municipal Election count down has already started.

Tomorrow is (October 17th), the first day of Web/Phone voting. Your vote could actually change the Ajax Community for the better, and please note some ward/positions are facing competitive race the chances are high enough that you should think hard about hitting the web/Phone or even the voting booth on October 24th. First, let me tell you the two key things that determine the impact of your vote: • The chances of your vote changing an election’s outcome in a range of different situations/issues which are more important to you and the Ajax community as a whole. • How much better some candidates are for the Ajax Community as a whole, compared to others. Then let me give you the best arguments against the importance of voting elections: • If an election is competitive, that means other people disagree about which option is better, and you’re at some risk of voting for the worse candidate by mistake. • While voting itself doesn’t take long, knowing enough to accurately pick which candidate is better for our Ajax Community actually does take substantial effort — effort that could be benefit you and the community too. Thanks A candidate for Local Councillor, ward 2 in Ajax

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